Dan with his daughter

Holt Bosse welcomes Dan Clements as New Business Development Director

Holt Bosse, a full-service advertising agency in St. Joseph, Michigan, recently hired Dan Clements to fill its new business development director role. 

Clements will focus on refining strategies, creative execution and all client-facing materials with account executives. He will also team up with Holt Bosse’s creative team to brainstorm and produce various marketing materials for the company’s business-to-consumer and business-to-business client base. Most importantly, Clements will guide all new business efforts and help strengthen Holt Bosse’s portfolio of clients.

Clements graduated from Columbus College of Art & Design in 2004 with a bachelor of fine arts degree in industrial design. Since then, his experiences include a number of disciplines from product design to brand communication strategy and design leadership. He worked for Worrell Incorporated in Minneapolis after college before moving to Chicago to join Motorola in 2008. Prior to Holt Bosse, Clements worked at Whirlpool Corporation for 11 years, most recently as senior director of experience design. 

His career moves have been inspired by a deep curiosity for new experiences and work that “makes a difference in people’s lives,” Clements said.

“Dan is both highly creative and highly technical with a wide range of experiences that would be beneficial to any company,” said Holt Bosse Copresident Dave Holt. “His passion for innovation is a perfect fit for the company's plan to always be on the front end of the innovation curve.”

Clements lives in St. Joseph with his wife, two daughters and dog, Hugo. In his spare time, he loves pinball machine and furniture restoration, home renovation, speaker building and driving for fun.