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Holt Bosse (Hohlt Baw-see)

Holt Bosse is a small, full-service agency with more than 100 years of combined experience in marketing. We are early adapters of new technology and marketing tactics, are proactive in giving ideas to clients, and don’t sleep well unless our clients look good. By blending traditional strategies with experiential marketing, we can increase engagement and enchant customers, turning them into your best salesmen through word-of-mouth. We exceed customer’s expectations because we have a personal connection to our clients and always act on their behalf.

Why this matters to you?
We’re a full-service agency, so we can manage all facets of your brand – on and offline – with a unified strategy. This consolidated approach ensures consistency ... consistency that boosts trust and encourages loyalty in your brands. Plus, you’ll save time in dealing with a list of vendors.

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Why fit in when you were born to stand out?


What We Do

We guard brands. We help create messages, vigilantly keep watch over them and help push your brands to the next level. Capabilities: •Websites and analytics •Multivariate and A/B testing •Newsletters •Online Ads and SEM •SEO •Content marketing •Web and native app development •Video •TV spots •Radio •Social media •Branding •Print ads •Photography •Videography •Much more

What We Deliver

Why do we come to work every day? Because underneath our need for food and shelter, we have an intellectual necessity to fashion ideas and inspire people. We want to use our creative skills to solve problems, move people to act, and prove to the world that everyone has a voice. We all have a story to tell and we want to help you tell yours.

Where we work

Although stationed on the bluff in St. Joseph Michigan, we work from wherever we may be. Constantly striving to bring you the best we have to offer as quickly as possible ... bandwidth willing. Not saying we have an unhealthy connection to our devices, despite what our therapists say!

Our Team

Meet our crack staff


We work hard at having fun at what we do.
Let's play together!

Clean Code

We go the extra mile to make your website look great front to back. Even if no one checks underneath the hood.

User Experience

Let us make sure your customers see all you'd like them to, and have a fantastic time while doing so.

Web Development

Need a new site or just a refresh, we're here for you. Cat gifs are optional despite how much Katie pushes for them.


We help you see what your customers are looking at and help them see it quicker/easier, thus making you look a little fresher than you already do!


We once sold a used bicycle to a telemarketer ... need we say more? Oh, we do, okay. We implement our years of experience and experimentation to get your message across.

24/7 Support

Wifi and coffee runs through our veins! Medical miracle or freaks of nature. Perhaps both, but we're here for you when you need us!

Our business has snowballed in 2018. Now we’d like to help three nonprofit organizations grow, too. We’ve piled up $5,000 to split between them, but we need your help to decide how big an amount to give to each one.

Here’s what you do:

Vote below for your favorite nonprofit.
Click the “Submit” button to count your choice.
Then roll the ball bigger and bigger. Return to the site and vote for your favorite nonprofit every 24 hours until 11:59 pm, Dec. 20, 2018. The more votes your choice gets, the higher percentage of the $5,000 they will receive.


We will give away every last flake of the $5,000 by noon, Dec. 21. The money will be split three ways based on the percentage of votes each nonprofit receives. You can see each organization’s final gift amount on Facebook that afternoon.

Thank you for helping us pack so much fun into 2018. May you enjoy a spectacular 2019!

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116 State St. | PO Box 103
St. Joseph, MI 49085

E: contact@holtbosse.com
P: (269) 932-3623