Tarynn against a Brick Wall

May 16, 2023 - Holt Bosse

Holt Bosse hires Tarynn Cullings as New Account Coordinator

Holt Bosse has added Tarynn Cullings to the team as an account coordinator! Read about her new role here.

Staff photo of Dan Clements standing in front of a brick wall.

Feb 17, 2023 - Holt Bosse

Holt Bosse Hires Dan Clements for New Business Development Director Position

Holt Bosse has hired Dan Clements to fill its new business development director role! Read about Dan and what he'll be working on here.

Andrew Easton standing tall and proud.

Feb 15, 2023 - Holt Bosse

Andrew Easton Joins Holt Bosse as a Full-Stack Web Developer

Andrew Easton is Holt Bosse’s new full-stack web developer. His expertise in programming and application development gives clients a competitive advantage.

Three restored pinball machines with bright lights and vivid colors.

Jan 29, 2023 - Dan Clements

A Word from Holt Bosse's Latest Hire: Reviving the Past

Restoring pinball machines is one of my passions. As a creative person, I have found that the process of revitalizing these vintage machines not only allows me to tap into my artistic side, but it also gives me the opportunity to bring a unique and beautiful piece of history back to life.

A view of the Soo Locks with a big clear sky and water.

Jan 19, 2023 - Josh Nowicki

Taking photos from the Sault Ste. Marie International Bridge

A few years ago, I was on vacation in the Upper Peninsula when I received a call from Patrick Bosse, who opened the conversation with “Are you afraid of heights?”. “Not too much … why?” I hesitantly replied.

A variety of famous images and movie posters with faces replaced with Dave Holt

Jan 14, 2023 - Dave Holt

Artificial Intelligence is a HUGE Problem

Curious what all the hubbub was about, I figured I should check in on the progress of AI graphic design tools.

Katie White

Jan 14, 2023 - Holt Bosse

Holt Bosse Promotes Katie White as Content Director

Holt Bosse recently promoted Katie White to fill its new content director position!

Graph depicting innovators, early adopters, early majority, late majority, and the laggards.

Dec 22, 2022 - Dave Holt

Law of Diffusion of Innovations

Diffusion of innovations is a theory that seeks to explain how, why, and at what rate new ideas and technology spread through the population.