Along Lake Michigan’s coasts, resort communities aggressively vie for tourist dollars. To put more heads in hotel beds, Southwest Michigan must differentiate its four-season vacation experiences. Visitors love the simple joys they find in Southwest Michigan. Innovative media, easier web searches and content-rich stories drive them here, and back again and again, in droves.

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It’s frustrating to have a gear or driveline problem and no one with the expertise to solve it. Or to come up with a groundbreaking idea for a product or vehicle, but no source to match the need. Schafer Industries solves tough problems and eliminates frustration. That’s the brand message we help them deliver in every online, printed and in-person interaction.

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Each of Southwest Michigan’s over 40 craft wineries, breweries, cideries and distilleries has a unique story to tell. But we advised they’d have a much louder, more impactful voice if they collectively created a Makers Trail. Not only does each Maker now share in increased year-round tourism dollars, but the Flight Crew Passport program we initiated, motivates visitors to come repeatedly fall through spring. Local hoteliers love the Passport idea, too.

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When you’re the world’s largest appliance manufacturer, you naturally work with advertising behemoths in mega-cities. Except for when you need gutsy ideas, grassroots insights, playful approaches, techno-know-how that comes from ongoing learning and flexibility that makes sure deadlines and budgets are kept. This is why Whirlpool Corporation’s work is alongside our branding for tiny startups.

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