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The Spirit of Winning

We embarked upon a journey with Whirlpool to rekindle the embers of ambition, breathe life back into the fire of post-COVID corporate America, and remind all that the spirit of winning lay not in trophies, but in the indomitable human soul. For this, employee stories about courage, triumph and limit-breaking accomplishments were told through videos and presentations to a world eager to listen. The result was a testament to the beauty of the human spirit, its capacity to rise, to soar, and to forever play the magnificent game of life, not merely to conquer, but to conquer with heart.

That's the spirit of winning.

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Play to Win

As the golden sun bathes the earth with its radiance, so does the spirit of winning bathe the hearts of a team with its warmth. It is in the crucible of challenges faced and conquered, in the pursuit of excellence together, that this spirit forges bonds stronger than steel.

The "Play to Win" campaign transcends the individual and weaves an intricate tapestry of unity, a hallmark of memorable teams. By sharing employees' dreams and aspirations, a vision takes root and flourishes, igniting a fire that burns brighter as people are reminded about their collectives wills.

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