climbing down a sand dune at Grand Mere State Park, Southwest Michigan
Southwest Michigan mural of black woman with roses
family apple picking at an orchard in Southwest Michigan
shoppers holding bags for shops at the Market, Southwest Michigan

Simple Joys

Tourists seeking respite from the bustling cities of Chicago, Detroit, Indianapolis and the like will find a haven of tranquility and natural abundance in Southwest Michigan. Here, the azure waters of Lake Michigan stretch endlessly, their waves lulling visitors into a state of serenity. The pristine beaches, where the sand meets the horizon, offer solace to the weary and restless and provide the perfect backdrop for moments of reflection and connection.

As residents who live, work and recreate in the area, we whole-heartedly agree with our client, The Southwest Michigan Tourist Council, when it propounds that the power of this community lies not only in the grandeur of its natural attractions but also in the simple pleasures of life by the water's edge.

line of people waiting for a Southwest Michigan food truckSouthwest Michigan mural of wings
Southwest Michigan billboard
Southwest Michigan bus stop 2-sheetLake Michigan surfer in Southwest Michigan
Chalk the Block in St. Joseph, Southwest MichiganConcert at the Livery, Southwest MichiganSouthwest Color Reportsmall boy apple picking at an orchard in Southwest Michigan
Ice covered lighthouse in Southwest MichiganIce Fest in St. Joseph, Southwest Michigan
Snowshoers in Southwest Michigan

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